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The Scribble Test
......... A scribble is an X-ray of the soul
Your scribble will be analyzed using a revolutionary method based on a system of artificial intelligence which identifies and measures certain traits of your personality
• The highest Hungry and Foolish score and who achieved it.

• The 300 highest scoring individuals and where they are in the world:
- the first one will be marked with red
- from 2 to 100 the marker will be violet
- from 101 to 300 the marker will be green

• The average score of all those who have taken the test.

• What scores you have achieved over time.
Besides finding out how Hungry and Foolish you are, you can also view the rating on each of your personality traits which contribute to the Hungry and Foolish evaluation:
Steve Jobs' address to undergraduates at Stanford University in 2005 can be seen as part of the heritage of humanity.
His final exhortation:
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish"
was broadcast by the media across the world and impressed itself in the hearts and minds and imagination of all those who want to believe in themselves, their ideas and intuitions and in the possibility of change.
What you will learn about your personality:
You can also discover:
more ...
©2012 Studio Canali S.r.l
Made on an iPad

Don't think about anything,
don't try to draw anything.
Without taking your finger off the screen,
scribble a continuous line for 20 seconds.

How Hungry and Foolish are you today?

• Self esteem
• Assuredness
• Originality
• Imagination
• Confidence in the future
• Intuitive ability
• Ability to accomplish
• Concentration
• Courage
• Positivity
• Stubbornness
• Independence
• Sensitivity
• Coherence
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Stay hungry Stay foolish …your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life … trust in something …love what you do ..don't settle …keep looking …don't be trapped by dogma …have the courage to follow your heart and intuition ...connect the dots …