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The Scribble Test, currently at the advanced stage of patenting, is a systematic, coherent and objective way to automatically generate a psychological interpretation of the graphic characteristics of a scribble.

A standard way to execute the scribble has been identified:
Over twenty years ago psychologist Elio Massironi began to ask his patients to scribble something on a piece of paper. Those signs provided clues that helped him diagnose their condition and determine the cure.
He thus began to develop a criterion to connect graphic characteristics of scribbling to psychological traits, based on the ideas of Carl Jung, Donald Winnicoth, Wassily Kandisky, Gestalt research, studies of graphology and projective tests, experience and common sense.
When we scribble, precisely because we have no intention of communicating or representing anything, we end up representing ourselves
Could the Scribble Test be used to measure how Hungry and Foolish we are?
We decided that the first tablet version of the Scribble Test had to do just that.
We have built a prototype which over a period of 8 years allowed us to collect more than 15,000 scribbles performed on digital media.

We identified over 150 parameters that have been used to assess the graphic characteristics based on execution, position of the line in relation to the drawing area, shapes used and statistical analysis.

More than 500 scribbles have been carefully evaluated to train a complex system of neural networks to coherently associate the graphic aspects with the psychological aspects.
- trace a continuous line for twenty seconds without representing anything -
A scribble is an X-ray of the soul
The Prototype
SCRIBBLE TEST - Interactive Installation
Milano - Italy 2002
video by Shantala Frigerio

SCRIBBLE TEST is an interactive installation capable of defining a visitors' personality profile by interpreting their random scribble.

The installation is composed of a metal (copper and aluminum) desk and chair. A computer tablet-monitor is embedded into the desk. Each scribble that a guest draws is video-projected onto a wall. On the sides of the table, two 50 inch LCD monitors display sequences of images that match the psychological meanings of the drawing.

A guest sits down, picks up the digital pen and, following the instructions, makes a scribble on the screen for approximately 20 seconds. The system automatically analyzes and interprets the scribble and offers a psychological profile of the user in the form of music, messages, shapes, colors and video images. At the end, a printout of the psychological profile is produced for the user to keep.

"The Scribble has the dual function of a test and a means to enhance inner consciousness by becoming aware of what is made evident"

Production: Studio Canali

Concept: Mario Canali and Elio Massironi

Software: Marcello Campione, Roberto De Biaggi, Mario Canali

Music Software: Elektrance by Giuliano Caione and Giovanni Cino

Hardware and Software Management: Massimiliano Cavigioli

Performer: Xena Zupanic

Video Maker: Domagoj Mazuran

Video Editing: Mario Canali

Table and Armchair: Leonardo Aurelio

Plasma holders: Gaetano Muratore